Weekly lessons about the lastest in health and performance.

Weekly lessons about the lastest in health and performance.

Latest Episodes

Dr. Tom Larkin

Oral Health and Dental Hygiene With Dr. Tom Larkin, Founder of Proactive Oral Wellness

Dr. Matt McNamee

Alzheimer’s – It’s No Longer the Death Sentence It Used To Be

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Overcoming Hurdles in Dentistry With Dr. Christopher Phelps, General Dentist and Founder of the Phelps Institute

Steve Adams

Overcoming Stress: What’s a Busy Leader To Do? With Steve Adams, Founder and CEO at Tiger Performance Institute

Ryan Vet

Finding a Home Away From Home With Ryan Vet, President of Third

Ron Wolforth

The Fruits of Curiosity and an Open Mind With Coach Ron Wolforth, Founder and CEO of Texas Baseball Ranch and Pitching Central

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger

How To Take Charge of Your Health with Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, Medical Director at McLean Southeast Adult Psychiatry and Community Affairs at McLean Hospital and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School

Jeff Giagnocavo

How Your Local Business Can Compete With Amazon With Jeff Giagnocavo, Founder and Leader of The Big Ticket Life, and Co-Owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More