Oral Health and Dental Hygiene With Dr. Tom Larkin, Founder of Proactive Oral Wellness 

 July 6, 2022

Dr. Tom Larkin
Tiger Performance Podcast
Oral Health and Dental Hygiene With Dr. Tom Larkin, Founder of Proactive Oral Wellness

Dr. Tom Larkin is the Founder of Proactive Oral Wellness. Dr. Larkin considers himself an advocate for the independent practice of dentistry and his commitment to education on all matters related to young dentists is unprecedented. Since 1995, Dr. Larkin’s ongoing mission of training young dentists in all the intricacies of running a dental practice has generated a loyal following. Beginning with a startup and sale while still in dental school, Dr. Larkin knows how to navigate startups, acquisitions, and practice development.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Tom Larkin shares the lessons he learned from his first job 
  • Dr. Larkin explains what inspired him to become a dentist and how he got into the industry
  • How is the health of the mouth connected to overall health?
  • The Larkin Protocol and the three dental hygiene components 
  • How Dr. Larkin helps his patients and clinicians 
  • The challenges Dr. Larkin faced and how he overcame them in dentistry 
  • Dr. Larkin shares the daily rituals that influence his work and his personal life 

In this episode…

The health of the mouth dramatically affects our overall health. To prevent dental disease, and more, we must become proactive in our prevention.

For this to happen, dental clinicians need to advance their clinical science of dental prevention. Not only that, but people need to seek awareness of the revolutionary technologies that improve the treatment and maintenance of their oral health. So, how can you be more proactive with your health?

In this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Steve Adams sits down with Dr. Tom Larkin, the Founder of Proactive Oral Wellness, to discuss oral health and the future of dental hygiene. Dr. Larkin explains how the health of the mouth affects your overall health, the Larkin Protocol and the three dental hygiene components, and the challenges he’s faced and overcome in dentistry.

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