Finding Happiness as an Attorney with Ben Glass, Founder of Great Legal Marketing, LLC 

 September 22, 2021

Ben Glass
Tiger Performance Podcast
Finding Happiness as an Attorney with Ben Glass, Founder of Great Legal Marketing, LLC
Ben Glass

Ben Glass is an attorney, the Founder of BenGlassLaw, and the Founder of Great Legal Marketing, LLC, a consulting firm for legal professionals. For over a decade, Ben has been teaching ethical and effective marketing strategies to hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers around the globe. He has gained national recognition for his ability to take marketing ideas from other industries and shrewdly apply them to the legal field. 

Ben is the author of over 10 books, the father of nine children, serves on the Board of Directors for a charity called Love Without Boundaries, and referees youth and high school soccer.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ben Glass shares how faith led his family to adopt four kids after they already had five of their own
  • Ben talks about how listening to others can help solve the problems in today’s world
  • The mental, emotional, and physical lessons Ben’s learned from refereeing soccer
  • How watching Perry Mason and reading Helter Skelter steered Ben towards a career as an attorney
  • What Ben learned to prioritize from Steve Adams 
  • BenGlassLaw’s ethos: building a business where people thrive
  • How can lawyers recapture the happiness they’ve lost in their work?
  • Ben discusses coaching soccer and starting his own law firm
  • Ben’s research on how to effectively attract clients
  • The hardest strategy Ben has had to figure out: managing people

In this episode…

Are you happy in your professional life as an attorney? Do you have an effective way of attracting quality clients to your law practice? If these are questions you’ve been wrestling with, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast!

As an attorney, you are likely very skilled when it comes to research and practicing law. However, most attorneys don’t graduate law school with effective marketing strategies or people management skills. Attorney Ben Glass has spent the past 16 years helping attorneys market their services, attract better clients, and make more money in less time. Is it possible to become happier as an attorney through your marketing?

In this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Steve Adams talks with attorney, Founder of BenGlassLaw, and Founder of Great Legal Marketing, LLC, Ben Glass, about becoming a happier attorney by marketing your law firm effectively. Ben talks about how he struggled to find clients when he started his own practice, so he devoted himself to learning about marketing. Now, he helps attorneys leverage the skills he discovered to add value to their firms. You don’t want to miss his insights!

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