Exploring Naturopathy and Cognitive Optimization with Dr. Adilia Kreps 

 April 21, 2021

 Dr. Adilia Kreps is a health optimization consultant with a background in psychology, biomedical sciences, genetics, and holistic health. She has worked as an Internal Programs Coordinator at The DNA Company and as a Naturopathic Intern at the Liberty Clinic. She completed an intensive graduate program from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Living in Montreal, she spends her personal time attending the local farmer’s market and learning photography.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Adilia Kreps talks about her unique childhood and upbringing
  • What are her passions and motivations as a clinician?
  • Naturopathy and her approach to working with clients
  • Why should people opt for DNA testing?
  • How can clinicians apply genetics to standard medical tests?
  • Preventing neurocognitive problems by looking at genetics 
  • Dr. Kreps shares her early mentors and how they were integral to her career journey
  • What does Dr. Kreps like to do when she’s not working?

In this episode…

The world of medicine has wildly accelerated in the past century. While allopathic medicine is the most ubiquitous, new alternatives are being discovered every day. Many of these focus on natural solutions that exist outside of traditional pharmaceuticals. A rising figure in this growing field is Dr. Adilia Kreps.

Starting as an intern at multiple clinics and hospitals, she has gone on to work as an Internal Programs Coordinator at The DNA Company. Across her career and extensive education, she has developed a distinct outlook on genetics and biomedical science.

On this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Dr. Adilia Kreps, a health optimization consultant, joins Steve Adams as they discuss filling the gaps left behind by traditional medicine. Dr. Kreps dives into topics like genetics, neurocognitive issues, and transitioning from a disease management model to a preventive one. She even finds time to talk about her background and her personal interests. Stay tuned for all of this and more.

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