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Consider sharing with your friends and family so we can help solve

the stress, burnout, and distraction epidemic together.

Consider sharing with your friends and family so we can help solve the stress, burnout, and distraction epidemic together.

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"I so appreciate Steve's commitment to research and translation of that research into everyday vernacular that enables the reader to understand and experience the sense of importance this book offers to our lives in the here & now and our life trajectory in the future."

Justin Dorroh,

Partner at Leap Development

Steve offers one of the most comprehensive habit-based approaches to optimize one's physiology. His roadmap provides actionable steps to improve physiology and psychology while identifying obstacles keeping you from your full potential. If you are looking for the door to unlock peak performance, the key is in this book."

Dr. Matthew McNamee, Naturopathic MD

todd smith


blue horizon

venture consulting

"Steve's book is a powerful guide on how to set yourself up physiologically and psychologically for elite performance and for working in the "flow state". In a world with rapidly advancing technology and constant distraction, future success will be predicated on doing deep, meaningful work that only human beings can do. Even with the strong record our firm has had in helping clients build successful, sustainable companies, I see far too many CEOs and founders burn themselves out, neglect their own health, and damage their personal relationships in their quest for entrepreneurial success. This important book is a roadmap for achieving sustained, world-class performance over a long, healthy, and happy lifespan."

jeff leshay


leshay communications

"Steve has created a remarkably thorough, well-evidenced game plan for optimizing our health, intensifying our focus, elevating our success, and heightening our overall quality of life. Steve's use of colorful personal anecdotes and other compelling stories help bring his Tiger strategy to life in meaningful and memorable ways. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to maximize their results and add joy to their lives."

glen lubbert


stamina lab

"There's one powerful way to prepare and excel in a future of exponential change. Unleash The Peak Performer Within You offers a compelling look inside the latest science to enhance your physiology, sharpen your psychology, and maximize your time in flow states. Steve unlocks the science of human performance strategies to consciously harness your nervous system and efficiently design your behaviors so you can thrive in the new normal."