The Gateway to Elite Performance 

 November 5, 2020

At Tiger Performance Institute, we often talk about a term called “Flow.”

Steven Kotler, Author of Stealing Fire and Rise of Superman defines flow as “an optimal state of consciousness, a state where you feel your best and perform your best.”

He continues, “More specifically, the term refers to those moments of rapt attention and total absorption, when you get so focused on the task at hand that everything else disappears. Action and awareness merge. Your sense of self vanishes. Your sense of time distorts (either, typically, speeds up; or, occasionally, slows down). And throughout, all aspects of performance, both mental and physical, go through the roof.”

Flow is a major performance enhancer.

Here are some of the benefits of being in a flow state:

  • 500% increase in productivity (McKinsey & Co.)
  • 3 days of heightened creativity after a flow state
  • 490% faster skill acquisition
  • 430% increase in creative problem solving

Can you imagine being able to access flow states on demand?

That’s where we find The Gateway to Elite Performance – Coherence.

Coherence is the cooperative alignment of heart, mind, and emotions. The heart has its own complex nervous system called the “Heart Brain.” This system sends signals both to the emotional center (amygdala) and decision-making center (thalamus) in the brain.

Your brain’s ability to function at its best is completely dependent on whether or not the heart is in a state of coherence.

Here are a few benefits of being in a state of coherence:

  • Increased mental functions – clarity, focus, and attention
  • Improved ability to self-regulate and stabilize emotions and emotional responses
  • Improved reaction times and physical performance
  • Increased immune response – lowered risk of illness or injury
  • Improved circadian function – better sleep, digestion, and energy
  • Increased visual fields and clarity through deep focus

The benefits of being in flow and coherence sound very familiar, right?

That’s because coherence is the physiological manifestation of flow. In order to access flow states on demand, you must learn to get your physiology in order on a daily basis.

That comes through coherence.

How to get into a state of coherence:

  • Consistency in daily activities such as when you go to bed and when you wake up
  • Consistent exercise (see Blog Post: Release “Miracle Grow” in Your Brain by Doing This…)
  • Focus your time and attention on things you can control
  • Avoid over/under working – keep a good balance
  • Practice gratitude regularly – we suggest when you first wake up and before going to sleep
  • Consistency in hydration and nutrition

Here’s the blueprint for achieving massive productivity through flow and coherence every single day.

Run with it.