The 35 – Hour Work Week 

 April 12, 2022

This is the first in a series of blog posts on the idea of reducing our work hours from 55 plus, which is common in developed western countries to a 35-hour work week.  The big idea is you get more done in less time by committing to a shorter work week. Don’t believe me? Read on. 

The underlying science behind my assertion is the Whitehall II study published in 2009 where the work hours of British Civil Servants were researched. The main findings included those who routinely worked over 55 hours experienced increased incidence of cognitive decline, reduced performance and a higher propensity to suffer from anxiety and depression. Subjects working approximately 35 hours fared better than the long hour colleagues in all measures. 

In my book, Unleash the Peak Performer Within You I challenge the reader to stop working harder, longer, and faster and learn to live a high flow lifestyle. Flow is the state of consciousness where you are 500% more productive. Master flow, you can work less to get more done. 

We live in an exponentially accelerating world where technology is advancing, the destruction of business models happens faster than ever, and geopolitical change is constant. To adapt to this new world, we need an exponential tool to combat these factors…flow is that tool. Working harder, longer, and faster is a linear, incremental approach to work overwhelm. We face an exponential challenge; therefore, linear approaches will no longer work. We need an exponential approach; flow is that approach. 

In the following blog posts, I will build the case for the 35-hour work week by integrating my reasoning with flow science and how one can begin to work in a flow state daily. The average knowledge worker gets less than an hour per month of flow due to the highly distracted nature of their lives. My clients learn to get 1-2 hours of flow every workday, leading to a massive competitive advantage. So, pursuing the 35-hour work week is an act of peak performance, not sloth. 

Join me on this journey to a more enjoyable life, a more productive life, and a more sustainable life.