Unlock the Secrets of Your Sleep & HRV

By now you’ve worked a couple decades, stress is higher than ever, and your responsibilities are growing.

If you are like most people, you sleep isn’t like it used to be, energy is harder to sustain and you might even have some low level, chronic anxiety.

It’s all related and it’s caused by stress and habits that aren’t serving you. However, we get it, you are busier than ever, and you have no idea what you should be doing to change things for the better.

Enter Tiger's Sleep Blueprint…

The Sleep Blueprint is a system of tools and a scientifically validated, doctor-endorsed process where you retrain your nervous system to work for you rather than against you. 

There’s more than that of course, in our Sleep program the focus is on learning to balance your autonomic nervous system and optimize your sleep. 

What does this mean for you?  Because you likely never fully disconnect from the unrelenting stress in your life, if you are like most, you are stuck in stress response mode. 

This is like driving down the expressway with the brakes on.  It’s not efficient, it wears out the brakes and drive train prematurely and eventually shortens the life of the car.  It’s the same way with your body. 

In Sleep Blueprint you will learn how to take the brakes off and balance your nervous system.  You’ll also learn the architecture of good sleep and how to achieve it night in and night out. 

You’ll gain energy, focus, and improved immune function.  Emotional control and resilience will grow, and you’ll become a higher performing version of you. 

All aspects of the Sleep Blueprint are overseen by Dr. Matthew McNamee, a board-certified naturopathic MD, and your personal Performance Coach.


“I tried meditation and I tried breathing apps, but they didn't tell me if I was doing it properly or getting better. I want to see results and I like that Tiger gives me that information. As a coach, the primary benefit to me has been that I’m processing and not quick to react emotionally. I’m more mindful than I've ever been, including parenting and in my relationship with my wife. I think the poise, the calm, being level-headed -- that was critical to our team’s success this year.”

Patrick Chambers - Former Men’s Basketball Coach, Penn State University

“Tiger has greatly increased my ability to focus and produce for longer periods of time. Last Monday, I wrote copy flat out for nearly 5 hours after lunch, which used to be a period of ZERO creativity for me. The client loved the resulting 13-page sales letter and I know it will be a big win. By making me creative in afternoons as well as mornings, Tiger has basically given me an extra 5 days of productivity a week.”

Kevin Donlin - Copywriter & Marketing Advisor

Prior to starting TFM, I had constant fatigue and no energy - biggest change so far is “I’m not tired - I feel like I’m sharper, I am not missing things and have more energy to work.

Mitch Bakker - Principal, IDA Design

Sleep Blueprint

A practical step to changing your health profile.

    It includes:

  • Heart Rate Variability Training Device
  • Blue Light Therapy Equipment
  • Oura Ring For Sleep Optimization
  • In-Home Sleep Study
  • Access To Tiger's Sleep Blueprint Online Course
  • Months Of Coaching With Performance Coach To Help You Every Step Of The Way
  • Access To Steve's Unleash The Peak Performer Within You  Book Course
  • Access To Monthly Tiger Community Call
  • Access To Our 3-Module "Get In The Zone" Course
  • TPI App Access
  • Tiger's Premium Membership Subscription for 4 Months 


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Want to pay in installments?

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