Release “Miracle Grow” in Your Brain by Doing This… 

 October 29, 2020

Have you ever seen a commercial for Miracle-Gro?

Typically, these commercials have families playing in their perfectly kept grass or planting a garden that has the biggest and most colorful vegetables you have ever seen.

By showing you how nice your grass will look or how perfect your vegetables will be, Miracle-Gro is encouraging you to purchase their product to achieve that result.

What if I told you that you can do the same thing for your brain… only, it is free!

By implementing consistent exercise in your daily routine, you are releasing miracle grow all over your brain!

Here’s how exercise can help you have a strong and healthy brain:

  1. Increased Heart Rate

Increasing your heart rate causes more blood and oxygen to be pumped to the brain. Which provides the opportunity for the brain to grow and repair damaged cells.

  1. Release of Hormones

During exercise, a human growth hormone called Bio-Derived Neurotrophic Factor is released in the brain. This hormone supports the growth of new brain cells while also strengthening synaptic connections in the brain.

When you learn a new skill, a few things need to happen. First, two neurons must come together. Second, the two neurons must be held together and strengthened through a process called Myelination.

By exercising, you are speeding up the process of myelination and strengthening the connection between new synaptic connections!

This is where the BDNF hormone comes in…

When a new skill is learned or new knowledge is acquired, there is only so much growth factor to go around. So, either an old skill will be lost, or the new skill or knowledge will not stick.

With BDNF, the brain is provided extra growth factor to lock in that new synaptic connection while strengthening others.

  1. Brain Plasticity

Have you ever heard of the term, “Neuroplasticity”? This is a major buzz word in the world of neuroscience.

Essentially, this term means that the brain can change and adapt. You are not stuck with the brain that you have today! Your brain can, in fact, change! This is exciting news.

As we discussed above, exercise promotes the growth of new cells and the repair of damaged cells in the brain.

Exercise stimulates neuroplasticity!

So, now that you have this information. What are you going to do with it?

Research has proven that, if new knowledge is not acted upon within 24-48 hours of acquisition, it will be lost.

Get moving!

Here are some simple ways to get started on exercise:

  1. Yoga and Stretching – this form of exercise is great for learning how to control breathing patterns and loosening up tight muscles.
  2. Walking, Running, Biking – cardio is a fantastic way to increase your heart rate which, if you remember, increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain!
  3. Lifting Weights – Another great form of exercise that strengthens your body while reducing the risk of injury due to lack of balance or falling.

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