Thriving After Surviving with Steve Fretzin, President of FRETZIN, Inc. 

 September 29, 2021

Steve Fretzin
Tiger Performance Podcast
Thriving After Surviving with Steve Fretzin, President of FRETZIN, Inc.
Steve Fretzin

Steve Fretzin is President of FRETZIN, Inc., where he serves as a business development coach for attorneys. He’s also a three-time author and the host of the BE THAT LAWYER Podcast. Driven, focused, and passionate about helping attorneys reach their full potential, Steve has spent the past 17 years ensuring that lawyers master the art of business development to achieve their business goals. 

Steve has survived a tragic plane crash, served as the Regional Vice President of Sign-A-Rama, and the Managing Partner of Team Discovery, LLC.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Steve Fretzin shares the positive perspective he gained from surviving a horrific plane crash at 26
  • Steve’s mantra for avoiding burnout: “love what you do for others”
  • Why spending $15,000 on a career coach was one of Steve’s best professional decisions
  • What helps lawyers gain more clients: empathy or a hard sales pitch?
  • The advice Steve gives to attorneys for effectively selling their services
  • Characteristics Steve looks for in a client
  • The lessons Steve learned from his entrepreneurial mistakes
  • The daily rituals Steve considers most important
  • Dietary adjustments that keep Steve from yawning in the afternoon

In this episode…

Do you love what you do? Like many people, maybe you don’t. If that’s a problem you’re wrestling with, then you’ll want to check out this episode of The Tiger Performance Podcast.

Many of us get burned out in our professional lives, no matter our job or the business we own. According to legal business consultant, Steve Fretzin, the best way to avoid that burnout is to transform the motto “love what you do” into “love what you do for others.” How can that change your way of thinking?

On this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, the President of FRETZIN, Inc., Steve Fretzin tells Steve Adams that no matter what you do — whether you’re running a sign shop or a law firm — find your passion and figure out how that can relate to your client, your customer, or your audience. As a survivor of a horrific plane crash who is skilled at business development, Steve has learned some valuable lessons. You don’t want to miss what he has to share!

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