The Impact of a Strong Work Ethic with Joe Foley, CEO of Disk.com 

 June 2, 2021

Joe Foley
Tiger Performance Podcast
The Impact of a Strong Work Ethic with Joe Foley, CEO of Disk.com
Joe Foley

Joe Foley is the Client Experience Officer (CEO) at Disk.com, a company focused on providing extensive printing, manufacturing, and fulfillment solutions to clients in various industries. Joe has been with Disk.com since 1990, and previously held the position of General Manager. 

Before working at Disk.com, Joe was the Vice President of Sales at Print Technology.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Joe Foley explains what his childhood was like growing up in the Midwest
  • Joe’s first job as a busboy and how it evolved into becoming an impromptu manager 
  • How Joe found himself working at Disk.com and rising up the ladder: a strong work ethic
  • The pros of working a commissioned sales job and what lessons it teaches you
  • What Disk.com does and how it has adapted throughout the years to the rapid rise of technology
  • The impact of being a team player 
  • Some of Joe’s biggest mentors and how they influenced his career path
  • Joe’s goal of living until 106 and how he plans to reach it — starting with his daily rituals
  • Joe shares a fun story from his college days
  • If Joe could turn back time and pick a different career, what would he choose?

In this episode…

What impact does a strong work ethic have? Are commission-based sales roles worth it? How did a general manager move up the ladder and eventually become a CEO of the same company? Joe Foley’s here to tell you. 

Joe had humble beginnings in his career, working as a salesman for a printing company. Through meaningful connections and hard work, Joe was able to run up the ranks and eventually become CEO of Disk.com. Joe’s here to share his inspiring story and tell you how to maintain a strong work ethic while avoiding burnout.

On this inspiring episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Steve Adams talks with the CEO of Disk.com, Joe Foley, about his journey to becoming a CEO. They discuss Disk.com’s constant pivoting to stay current, strategies to maintain a strong work ethic, why Joe loves helping others, and much more. You won’t want to miss this episode! 

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