Recover From A Crash Without Wasting Your Cash with Shane Smith, Founding Attorney at Shane Smith Law 

 January 26, 2022

Shane Smith
Tiger Performance Podcast
Recover From A Crash Without Wasting Your Cash with Shane Smith, Founding Attorney at Shane Smith Law
Shane Smith

Shane Smith is the Founding Attorney at Shane Smith Law, based in the Atlanta area. He has practiced law for more than twenty years and is an experienced advocate for the injured. Shane has represented people with injuries to the back and neck, some of which require surgeries like lumbar fusions and amputations. He particularly enjoys helping clients who have been struck by drunk drivers receive the compensation they deserve.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Shane Smith talks about his loving family dynamic growing up and where he learned the value of paying attention
  • Why Shane chose to go to law school after originally wanting to be a police officer or FBI agent
  • Shane’s experience as an attorney on active duty in the Army
  • What do the attorneys at Shane Smith Law pride themselves on?
  • The structure of Shane Smith Law and how Shane prioritizes his cases
  • After a car wreck, what should you avoid settling on? 
  • Shane tells his entrepreneurship story of how he started his firm from his home
  • Shane’s advice: Try to consistently hit singles instead of just an occasional home run

In this episode…

If you’re injured in a car wreck, and it wasn’t your fault, what is the best way to make sure you get the best medical care at no cost to you? How do you know if you’re truly being compensated fairly by the insurance company? Could it help to hire an attorney? 

Injuries sustained in automobile accidents can negatively affect your life, in both the short-term and the long-term. Making sure you get the best medical care possible must be an absolute priority. If the accident wasn’t your fault, Shane Smith, Founding Attorney at Shane Smith Law, says that you need to prioritize getting the best care, paid for by the person who was at fault — by not settling for less from the insurance company. His firm does this every day with a staff composed not only of attorneys, but also case managers who maintain day-to-day contact with accident victims to help track their recovery. 

In this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Steve Adams welcomes Shane Smith, Founding Attorney at Shane Smith Law, for a wide-ranging discussion on the aftermath of a car accident where injuries are sustained. Shane says the effects of injuries can rear their ugly head 35 years later, so you need to get the care possible for as long as it takes. You’ll want to hear Shane’s perspective on hiring an attorney to ensure you get the right medical care paid for by the right person. Don’t miss it!

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