Make Every Heartbeat Count with CJ Finley, Founder, CEO and Podcast Host at ThriveOnLife 

 February 16, 2022

CJ Finley
Tiger Performance Podcast
Make Every Heartbeat Count with CJ Finley, Founder, CEO and Podcast Host at ThriveOnLife
CJ Finley

CJ Finley is the Founder, CEO, and Podcast Host at ThriveOnLife, which seeks to help other mission-based people, brands, and companies chase their dreams and thrive. CJ is an adrenaline enthusiast, athlete, and positive thinker who regularly lays it all on the line to make an impact on the world. He is trained as an industrial engineer and values that background for the strategic mindset instilled within him.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How CJ Finley learned the value of persistence and perseverance 
  • Why Austin, TX is CJ’s top travel recommendation
  • CJ’s decision to learn entrepreneurship at a young age and when he found his entrepreneurial spirit
  • What was CJ’s first step toward achieving his goal of becoming an angel investor?
  • CJ’s biggest lesson learned while working as a content creation consultant 
  • Even when you’re starting your career, saying “yes” to too many things can be harmful 
  • How CJ learns and why he doesn’t have a single mentor
  • CJ shares how you learn by asking questions and what life is all about
  • The importance of creating systems to keep from getting caught up in bad habits

In this episode…

Do you find yourself getting stuck in a repetitious malaise? Do you ever feel like you’re expending a lot of effort but not getting any return? Wouldn’t you just once like to feel as though you’re thriving instead of simply surviving? If any of those questions resonate with you, you’re sure to benefit from this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast!

You can make meaning out of your life, you just have to know where to start. Sometimes it starts with shaking up your daily routine. Sometimes it starts with changing your eating habits. CJ Finley, Founder, CEO, and Podcast Host at ThriveOnLife says getting enough sleep and having a positive mindset also helps. Is it time to inject some positivity into your mindset?

On this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, performance coach Lance VanTine welcomes CJ Finley, Founder, CEO, and Podcast Host at ThriveOnLife. They discuss getting healthy, having a vision, and getting on track to fulfill your mission in life. CJ shares how he quit his corporate job and started his journey towards becoming an angel investor. Ready to break out of your rut? Check out this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast!

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