Finding the Entrepreneurial Mindset with Lee Milteer, Founder of Millionaire Smarts 

 June 30, 2021

Lee Milteer
Tiger Performance Podcast
Finding the Entrepreneurial Mindset with Lee Milteer, Founder of Millionaire Smarts

Lee Milteer is a reputable entrepreneur, talented business mentor, and the Founder of Millionaire Smarts, a coaching program that provides coaching for other coaches and businesses. Lee has advised nearly 250,000 people across the globe, providing business and success advice for entrepreneurs growing their business. Her mastery of mindset and direct-response marketing skills takes her around the world as an award-winning speaker, TV personality, and best-selling author. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Lee Milteer’s humble roots on a farm in rural Virginia gave her the tenacity to succeed
  • Her winding path from commercial real estate agent to business coach
  • Unimaginable setbacks on her journey, including an arrest in Israel 
  • The unlikely fellowship of the mentor who supported her journey
  • The difference between the corporate and entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Why you shouldn’t “follow the herd”
  • The daily rituals that drive Lee’s success

In this episode…

Meet Lee Milteer, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, and business consultant. But Lee didn’t come from a traditional business background. She didn’t inherit a million-dollar company or gobs of cash from a rich uncle who kicked the bucket. What did she inherit? A job as a foreman by the time she was 12 and enough grit and tenacity to take charge of her own life. 

In conversation with Steve Adams, Lee Milteer takes us through the ups and downs of her career, from her humble roots as a farm-girl in Virginia, to a job she dreaded in commercial real estate, and even starting her own consulting firm. Lee shows us what it takes to get your dream off the ground, and how an entrepreneurial mindset can change everything. 

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