Achieving Holistic Wealth with Ash Shukla, Founder of Financial Chakras 

 October 13, 2021

Ash Shukla
Tiger Performance Podcast
Achieving Holistic Wealth with Ash Shukla, Founder of Financial Chakras
Ash Shukla

Ash Shukla is the Founder of Financial CHAKRAS, a holistic financial consulting firm, and Ash Is Cash LLC. He’s also a keynote speaker and best-selling author. As a former financial advisor with over two decades in the financial industry and more than $300 million managed in assets with major financial institutions, Ash has discovered a holistic approach to building wealth. He came to the US from India in 1989, with $20 in his pocket and spoke no English; now, he’s helped over 5,000 businesses gain financial success.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ash Shukla talks about how he would go swimming in potholes when he was growing up in India
  • Ash shares the difficulties associated with not speaking English and when it all began: on his 1989 journey to the U.S. in the Mumbai airport
  • How Ash started accidentally working in the financial industry 
  • The importance of improving yourself and the over $200,000 Ash has spent on self-help
  • What are the three key elements to hit on the road to success?
  • Ash’s goals for entrepreneurs at his company, Financial CHAKRAS 
  • Ash breaks down his process for helping clients grow their financial status
  • The value of measuring your potential and emotions in dollars
  • Ash talks about the lessons he learned and actions he took after being scammed out of $250,000

In this episode…

Are you realizing your full financial potential as an entrepreneur? Have you achieved that ultimate inner alignment that ensures holistic business success? If you’re curious about how to calculate your potential in dollars, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast!

To gain full financial mastery and true spiritual satisfaction of accomplishment, Ash Shukla, the Founder of Financial CHAKRAS, says you must align your inner path and embrace the outer journey. Did you realize that aligning those two elements can allow you to take control of your life?

On this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Steve Adams welcomes Ash Shukla, Founder of Financial CHAKRAS, to discuss the importance of aligning the inner path and embracing the outer journey to gain satisfaction and wealth. Ash tells his stories of struggles that allowed him to find self-awareness, which he says is of utmost importance in aligning your inner path. Ash talks about his principles for finding financial chakras and how he’s helped more than 5,000 companies. You don’t want to miss it!

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