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My name is Steve Adams, founder of The Tiger Medical Institute and creator of The Tiger System for life enhancing health and longevity and peak performance and author of PATIENT NUMBER ONE and many other books. 

Here’s what I know about you…

You’ve given your whole life to others.  Sure, you’re successful, reasonably well paid, feel grateful and consider that you’re living a great life all thanks to Dentistry…and to your hard work, sacrifice and putting everyone else first from the time you opened your practice to now.

Do you ever wonder and feel like it just might be killing you in the process?

Here’s the facts.  Stress kills.  Bad habits kill.  Unhealthy routine kills.  Long hours kill.  Negative energy kills.

I know because I was just like you.  Thinking the way to my hopes and dreams and goals was harder work at the mercy and compromise of my health.  My intention was to give everything I could to my family and instead I almost lost it all.

All because I had let myself go.  My health suffered.  I was putting my business, my employees, my customers before myself.

Then the most miraculous thing happened.  I discovered the way to have it all by become PATIENT NUMBER ONE for myself.  And that’s when everything turned around.

Since that time I have set out on a mission to give back, a quest to make a difference, a determined commitment to share what I’ve learned and help others.

I’m here to help you and no, it’s not too late.  In fact it’s exactly the right time.

Today I challenge You to put yourself first.

Every single day we know we all are moving closer to end and further away from the beginning. 

But, did you know, you can at least do it on your own terms?

You preach and practice all day long to your patients about health and you help them achieve theirs. 

The question is…

What Are You Doing About Yours?

Most Doctors are guilty of the old story about the shoemaker’s kids, except I’m confident you help give your kids everything they wanted and more.  It’s you who has suffered along the way.


No More.

It’s time for you to put yourself first.  It is the only way forward to better, healthier, longer life.  That’s why I wrote PATIENT NUMBER ONE for you. 

You’ll find it to be a straight forward, no BS approach to health backed with the most principled and cutting edge proven science of modern times coupled with common sense strategies you can implement right now.

They say knowledge is power and that’s true only as the first step.

However, knowledge unused is worthless and that’s why PATIENT NUMBER ONE will become your conscience and guidebook to better health.  My book will serve as your accountability partner for a better way of life and an approach to your longevity unlike any other.

Skeptical?  That’s okay.  There’s only one way to find out.  Get the book.

Living with disease right now?  Don’t lose hope.  There is a way forward for you.

In the best shape of your life?  Well why stop now.  You’ll find new breakthroughs here.

Think you’ve heard it all?  Read it and you’ll see.

Heck on the very first page you’ll get the wake up call you’ve been waiting for all this time and most of all the permission you need to do what it takes to focus guilt-free on you and commit to transforming yourself and discovering your greatest potential and peak performance.

Imagine what you would do, how you would feel, who else would benefit from you having more energy, more clarity, more life…

One of my favorite quotes is:

“A healthy person has a thousand dreams, a sick person has only one.”

Sick means a lot of things.  To me it begins by just not being your best self.

Are you your best self?  Everyday?

Look, I don’t know what’s left on your Bucket List but I do know two things.

Time is always of the essence and Your Health is the way.  It’s the only way.  To life a full and rich life both in and out of your practice.

And out of these two we know we can make more time but we sure can rejuvenate, restore, re-build, re-energize and make more health.

And that’s exactly what you will get out of PATIENT NUMBER ONE.

Your specific and detailed plan to take



YOUR HEALTH to the next level.


The lesson is in the title, the principle is that you are that patient and philosophy is simple the better, stronger, happier, more energetic, healthier you are the greater value you will be to everyone else…most of all yourself and your loved ones.

This isn’t ‘my’ book it is YOUR book and I’m ready to send it to you right now.  I ask nothing in return other than your commitment to yourself and the discipline to read it the day it arrives.

Here Are Just A Few Things You’ll Learn And Have Immediate Benefits And Feel Instantly Better From…

The 7 Pillars of Elite Health

Including the most transformative tool you’ve never heard of before to instantly destress, unwind and live in the moment without worry and good news it’s not a drug or a drink.

How To Optimize Your Sleep

Hint:  This goes way beyond just an appliance and magnesium.  This will change your life, literally, overnight.

The “Optimize your Brain” Daily Routine

This works in an instant and it is my personal easy to do daily strategies on how to See, Think, Decide Clearly, Confidently and Instantaneously so you’ll eliminate self doubt.

How To Turn Your Food Into The Only Medicine You’ll Ever Need

Rest assured this is not some faddy diet.  We’re talking about a proprietary system to diet customization that enriches your body with food as fuel without robbing you of the joys of eating and taking away your lifestyle.  DISCLAIMER You won’t find this on a bookshelf, a TV Infomercial and it doesn’t arrive in won’t in a box with a plastic wrapper at your door.

The Fastest Way To Activate and Sustain Your Anti-Aging Pathway

Learn the number one thing you are most certainly doing that is speeding up the deterioration of your health and how to instantly stop doing it and instead start doing ‘this one thing’ that will turn a complete and immediate 180 and putting your aging in reverse.

And best of all, inside of PATIENT NUMBER ONE You’ll discover the most revolutionary, customized doctor lifestyle friendly, health enhancing Personal Success System to maximize, lengthen and enhance your Health Span Longevity and achieve Peak Performance in and out of your Practice through The Tiger System.


And that my new friend is only just the beginning…you could say, a new beginning, and one you so very much deserve.

Here’s to You, Patient Number One, and Your health and happiness for as long as you live…


P.S.  Get ready because this is the hardest hitting, most fact filled, truth telling book you’ve ever read about getting healthy, staying healthy, living disease free and restoring your energy, vibrance, youth and longevity. 

Having this book in your hands and the information in it inside of you will give you the keys to unlock your peak potential and overcome obstacles that have held you back for years. 

If you are ready to tap into a new level of enjoying life, to getting the most out of every day and know what it feels like to be your best, happiest, healthiest, most at peace self then claim your free copy of the most important book of your future now.

About Author

Steve L. Adams

Steve is a former corporate banker and veteran entrepreneur. Steve grew up in Lansing, Michigan as the son of an auto worker.  He went on to university and became the first college graduate and MBA in his family. His passion lies in building and scaling organizations through disciplined execution, direct-response marketing and culture creation that leads to extraordinary client experiences. This book came from the solution to his own experience with stress and burnout while building a $100 million company and is a hopeful solution to others experiencing the same.

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