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Patient Number One:
How to Take Care of Your Most Valuable Asset

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According to the ADA 57% of dentists are in burnout, 82% are suffering from moderate to severe stress.  Those are sobering statistics.

Let’s get you started on your journey of becoming Patient Number One today and learning the “Art of Self-Care.” When you do, you gain better health, a better business and finally and most importantly a better life! 

“This is the most important book any Doctor will ever read.  I should know I’ve written more books for Doctors about Dentistry than anyone.  And this one isn’t mine.  Steve is provocative, thoughtful and a master at conveying complex ideas into simple strategies you can actually implement and put into your daily life.  He is blowing up every fad, trend, myth and lie you’ve ever been told and thought was true about health and it’s all right here in this book.”

Scott J. Manning, MBA

Author of 14 books specifically for Doctors and the most read and followed go-to Coach and Advisor in all of dentistry

Dr. John Meis

CEO, The Team Training Institute & Smart Choice Dentistry

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