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The Eight Most Common Questions About Tiger’s Personalized Medical Program

In this article, I’ll answer the eight most common questions people ask about Tiger’s personalized medical program, Decode 2.0.  My goal is to educate you as much as I can for you to determine if our programs are a potential fit for the problem you are trying to solve. 

Top Five Fears Of Personalized Medical Programs
As you research a personalized medical program for your needs, you may be thinking about some fears you have before spending your money, over and above insurance, on a care program that you know little to nothing about.
In this article, I will share the top-five fears that our clients at TIGER shared before joining our personalized medical program.


How to Compare and Choose the Best Provider for Your Health Optimization

In this article, I will compare and contrast several options in your search for a health improvement program. As you know, it can be a wasteland on the internet trying to sort through the myriad of possibilities.  Who can you trust?  How can you sort through all the options with the jargon that most people do not understand?  Sure, there are a lot of big brand names, but do you know what they do in their programs? 

Best Providers of Health Optimization Programs

You’ve been searching for an answer to your most significant health challenges, and you don’t know who to trust with this critical decision.  Additionally, you probably don’t know how to evaluate the different options.  If you are like me, I had no idea there were significant differences in medical approaches.              


Nine Considerations When Choosing A Personalized Medical Program

As you research personalized medical transformation programs, our team at Tiger Medical Institute wanted to provide you with a guide to the everyday challenges that are the realities of embarking on a health transformation journey. 


What Does a Personalized Medical Program Cost?
Our conventional medical system is not set up for personalized medicine.  Furthermore, it’s built to provide sick care best. While outstanding at diagnosing and treating sickness, your local doctor and hospital are not the best fit for preventative, proactive, and personalized medicine. In this article, I’ll detail what it costs to participate in Tiger Medical Institute’s personalized medicine program called Decode 2.0. 



A Review of the Tiger Medical Institute Personalized Medical System – Pros and Cons

This article objectively reviews the personalized medical program Decode 2.0 offered by Tiger Medical Institute. The goal is for the reader to understand if this program is a good fit for their needs and resources.


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