How Flexible Is Your Heart? 

 February 20, 2020

Most people recognize that a lower heart rate is a sign of good health.  Did you know there is another important sign of good health relating to your heart?  Its heart rate variability (HRV), which is the measurement of time differences between heartbeats when you inhale and exhale.

If two people have the same heart rate, but one has a higher heart rate variability, the person with  higher variability has greater cardiovascular flexibility and better overall health.

Think of HRV like rubber band.  An old rubber band that doesn’t stretch, breaks easily.  A rubber band that is very flexible can stretch a long way without breaking.  Similarly, when you develop greater HRV, you have a greater ability to change in response to different situations.

Poor HRV is correlated with poor mental health and resiliency.

If you practice the discipline of deep diaphragmic breathing, you are also training up HRV.   However, there are other drivers of HRV, but breathing this way will translate into higher cardiovascular flexibility.

Many researchers believe HRV is the single best overall biometric to gauge your overall level of health.  It can also be used as a measure to determine whether you push hard or focus on recovery each day.

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Our team can explain how to start a program of training up your heart rate variability.