Habit Building Force-Multiplier 

 March 18, 2021

This week I’ve been visiting Waco, Texas to see my sister and brother-in-law. 

Over the last month or so my sister has been telling me, via facetime, about a new workout program she has been doing through Youtube.

Every time I visit my family, I gain an average of 7-10 pounds, regardless of the length of my trip. This time, I wanted things to be different. 

Instead of visiting, over-eating to an extreme, then going home to do intense fasting, workouts, and healthy eating, I wanted to sustain the fitness progress I’ve been building since January. 

So, I decided to join in on my sister’s Youtube workouts. 

They are really hard. 

But, no matter what, we have completed at least one workout each day I’ve been here. This truly demonstrates the power of community.

Community is a force-multiplier when it comes to building a new habit or behavior. If you want to succeed in following through on your goals, build a community around you. 

This could be going for a 2-mile run with a friend three or four times per week, it could be doing a weekly facetime to discuss your progress with a close confidant. 

Whatever or whomever it is, establishing a community to support you in your goals or vision will absolutely move you forward. 

This past year has been incredibly difficult when it comes to having any semblance of community. We have been isolated, covering our faces, and staying home all while losing our sense of what it is to be in a community. 

Humans were created to be together in community. This is probably why we feel more motivated to accomplish something difficult when those closest to us are right alongside us. 

So, however it may come in the next days and weeks, find someone or a group of people who can run the race with you. 

I know you will love the results.