Turn Genetic Insights Into Specific Instructions

You didn’t get to choose your DNA, but you can choose to do what’s best for your unique make up.

Work with an experienced Tiger Naturopathic MD to understand your unique owners manual for life…your DNA.  

Want to know what exercise plan will work best for you?  How about learning what foods just aren’t going to cooperate with your performance objectives each day?  Perhaps you have family history of memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease and want to know your risk and what you can do about it? 

In the DNA Blueprint, you will get answers to these questions and many more.  All it takes is 10 minutes to complete the test and then drop it off at your nearest FedEx station.  Approximately 7-8 weeks later your Tiger physician will schedule a call to review your results. 

On your DNA results consultation, our Doctor will walk you through a summary of the genetic markers that will be a priority for you to address.  You will learn what those markers are, what they mean, and specifically how to optimize your life to limit or eliminate the potential impact of every sub-optimal marker.  

The good news is that whatever our team finds, you can take action on the results and have the peace of mind that finally, you are acting on precise information, unique to how you are specifically made.  

You can rest in the confidence that Tiger’s genetics partner is a world-class research organization that has partnered with medical research universities to create a comprehensive panel of genetic markers and protocols to address each sup-optimal marker so you can confidently make lifestyle changes…based on facts, not fads.

DNA Blueprint

A practical step to learning your DNA profile.

    It includes:

  • DNA Test Kit
  • Priority Shipping To Lab
  • Health History Intake Consult with Tiger Doctor
  • Genetic Test Results Consult
  • Hyper-personalized Plan Based On Genetic Priorities
  • Additional Health Recommendations By Tiger Doctor
  • Four Monthly Coaching Calls with a Tiger Health Coach to Implement Your Plan
  • Access To Monthly Tiger Community Call
  • TPI App Access
  • Tiger's Premium Membership Subscription for 6 Months 


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Want to pay in installments?

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