Make The Choice to Invest in You

As a successful professional and entrepreneur, you got there by serving others, taking care of their needs before your own. Why? Because givers get and the surest path to success in any endeavor is to serve others, play the long game and, in time, you harvest the fruit of your labor. 

Success demands investment, it’s that simple.  You’ve invested likely 20 years getting educated, borrowing and paying back money to establish your business and endured many years of more to do than time on the clock.  

As you work one challenging year after another, taking care of everyone but yourself it starts to show up in your biology later. It’s common for mid-career professionals to struggle with their sleep, to battle the growing tire around their belly and feel fatigued.  The capacity for production and focus you enjoyed in your 20’s and 30's is a struggle in your 40’s and 50’s.  

Let’s not forget, for most, they’ve been raising a family through all these challenging experiences as an entrepreneur.  Finding balance (an illusion) is exceptionally hard. So, the layer after layer of responsibilities and the stress that goes with each lead to the physical and mental difficulties mentioned above. 

If you aren’t careful, you can end up suffering significantly in terms of your health.  The sad fact is 6 in 10 adults in America have a chronic disease…that’s more than 60 million adults.  Chronic disease is rooted in stress, failure to sleep well, poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Add in hormone imbalances typical of middle age and you have a prescription for sickness. 

What a shame to lose your health in the prime of your life. What good is it if you work so hard providing for others and building wealth, if the price tag is your health. There is another way, a different path you can personally choose that will reset your future health trajectory. It’s called Tiger Decode 2.0.  

Our system gets to the root cause of your health imbalances, provides a clear path to optimal health, and stacks the odds in favor of greater longevity and health span, which is the number of years you enjoy an active, healthy life. 

The next step in that journey is to meet our Doctor, Dr. Matthew McNamee, NMD to sit through a diagnostic call with him to confirm your fit for our innovative program. This call will be about 10-12 minutes with Dr. McNamee, and another 10-12 minutes with your Tiger representative to help you get started on your journey to optimal health. 

Your commitment is $500 for this call and if you decide you received no value or choose not to proceed with Tiger, we will refund your money. If you do choose to move forward, we will apply the $500 to your program. 


“I tried meditation and I tried breathing apps, but they didn't tell me if I was doing it properly or getting better. I want to see results and I like that Tiger gives me that information. As a coach, the primary benefit to me has been that I’m processing and not quick to react emotionally. I’m more mindful than I've ever been, including parenting and in my relationship with my wife. I think the poise, the calm, being level-headed -- that was critical to our team’s success this year.”

Patrick Chambers - Former Men’s Basketball Coach, Penn State University

“Tiger has greatly increased my ability to focus and produce for longer periods of time. Last Monday, I wrote copy flat out for nearly 5 hours after lunch, which used to be a period of ZERO creativity for me. The client loved the resulting 13-page sales letter and I know it will be a big win. By making me creative in afternoons as well as mornings, Tiger has basically given me an extra 5 days of productivity a week.”

Kevin Donlin - Copywriter & Marketing Advisor

Prior to starting TFM, I had constant fatigue and no energy - biggest change so far is “I’m not tired - I feel like I’m sharper, I am not missing things and have more energy to work.

Mitch Bakker - Principal, IDA Design