Let's make each other's dreams come true.

We provide years of experience, researched training and helpful guidance

so you can better serve your clients.

We provide years of experience,

researched training and helpful

guidance so you can better 

serve your clients.

why we do it

We’ve been there

It takes years of research and experience to become a trusted expert so that you can provide valuable insights to really help your clients in a practical way. 

Luckily, we've already done the research, gained the expertise and helped dozens of clients. So you can rely on us.

We want to shorten the learning curve and teach you to help others through Tiger's training programs that create sustainable health & longevity by focusing on sleep, HRV, and more.




Goal: To become a Tiger Certified Performance Coach.

Rights As A Coach: Market the Tiger brand, utilize all Tiger IP with your clients. 

One-Time Fee: $2,497 certification fee.  

Recurring Costs:

  • Annual - $197 re-certification fee, to complete annual CE training
  • Monthly - $49 membership program fee (includes all items listed at tigerpi.com/member/)

Revenue Split:

  • Clients you coach: 70% of revenue (after hard costs) to you.
    30% of revenue (after hard costs) to Tiger Performance Institute.  

Products Included:

- Online Courses
- Stress Blueprint
- Sleep Blueprint

  • Additional Tiger Medical Institute Referrals:

TFM – Platinum 15% (After hard costs)


  • Initial training period is 6-months.
  • Clients brought in during training period require Tiger coach on calls.
  • Revenue split 60% to you, 40% to Tiger during training period.
  • Same client, once out of training, reverts to revenue splits above. 

Brand: Coach to represent Tiger brand in ethical manner, delivering experience
and utilizing methods, consistent with Tiger brand.  

Identity: Coach authorized to utilize Tiger logos, branding, and materials for
promotion of coach’s business.  

Sales: All sales required to go through Tiger website to provide automation of
financial accounting and tracking.

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