Do you have an open mind

about treatment options?

Do you have an open mind 

about treatment options?

Dear Clinical Director,

You work hard to help people with addictions.

Therapy, 12 steps, etc., will often produce long-term sobriety. 

But the fact is, a number of patients will always relapse, despite your best efforts.

One reason is that 50% or more of patients have co-morbid conditions, such as anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and depression. Most of those patients face an extra struggle to stay sober. 

This is where we can help.

Tiger Performance Institute has developed a simple, user-friendly biofeedback system that improves patient outcomes by:

  • Improving mood 
  • Lowering cravings
  • Reducing or eliminating panic attacks and anxiety


Biofeedback Training.

By correcting the dysregulated brain waves and imbalances in the autonomic nervous system that contribute to co-morbidity and cravings. 

And there is nearly 50 years of scientific evidence, which we can share with you, to prove it. 

Important: This does not replace any of your current programs. It simply makes your work more effective ... by giving patients a new modality to treat their addictions while at your facility -- or for IOP and outpatient clients as well.

The Tiger Biofeedback system is turnkey for your treatment center and easy to implement.

In addition, it improves patient outcomes and provides financial benefits to your clinic. 

Now, if you’re still reading ... and you’re still open-minded ... 

... you’re invited to learn how Tiger Biofeedback can support the work you do.

Take the next step and schedule a Complimentary Conversation with a Tiger professional. 

There’s no cost. No obligation. And you’ll gain free access to peer-reviewed research that tells the story.

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